Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Final projects are in process! For sculpture, I have three things going on at once. Insane! So here what's been going on.

Sculpting from a live model! I was freaking out about because this was my first time and I still doubt my sculpting skills. Then, I got into it and I found that I love the human anatomy! Art is amazing that way. Not only are you learning about the muscles and bones, but you're learning about the design of the muscle and bones and why they're designed that way. Pretty profound. So check it...

The final final project is for us to decide and we are to work on it on our own time. I was actually inspired by my previous stalkee, Rachel Denny and I'll be doing a taxidermy sculpture, combining my love for book arts and sculpture into one. Funny story, or more like awkward moment, I wen to a hardware store for the first time and I discovered, very soon after walking in, that I did NOT belong there. Here I was wearing my fashion boots and peacoat and clean while the men around me had their thick, dirty, hardworking boots, with dirty hands ready to work in the outdoors. Oh and I had no idea what I was doing. I just follow the kind old man around answering yes to everything he asked because all the products he would hand to me were foreign to me and I just assume they were what I needed. I was completely out of my element, but surprisingly it made me feel more of an arts.

Two things I've never used before: a hot knife that melts/cuts styrofoam an giant glue gun.
Fun blue insulation foam.

Melting styrofoam smells horrific.

Cutting cutting. 

Glueing glueing.

 I have two more weeks of the semester left and this is only one class of work. I gots me a lot of hard working to do.

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