Wednesday, February 29, 2012

leap day....

Happy Leap Day peeps! What a magnificent day for a leap day! It started snowing today in good ole Rexburg, but not just any snow. Wait, when does it normally just snow in Rexburg?! It was literally a white out today folks. Nope, you could not look out the Spori windows and see the street. 

Anyway, our next assignment in sculpture, assemblage. So we've been collecting all sorts of junk and we are to put them together to create an abstracted face of some sort. Here's how it went....

 Kinda discouraged.

Trashy trash.

Geddes getting his golf on.

This is what I so far. Whadda ya think? 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

in martha's footsteps...

Hey folks, did you know I'm a baker? We'll I'm taking a baking class, so I guess technically I'm still in training. So aside from my BFA and three other art classes, I'm also learning how to bake. Yeah, I know I'm crazy. And to add onto that craziness, I baked four pies this week! The one pie I made in Baking, two for my BFA class and one for my Readings class. Check it...

This was my first pie, a delicious pumpkin pie! I made the crust and e'rythang! Yum.

We had a party in our Readings class. Tons of sweets early in the morning, one of which was my yummy pie. Griffin was so overwhelmed by all the food.

All we do in art class is party.

I made a coconut cream pie just for Cassie. What joy. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

more mess, more fun...

Sculpture just gets more interesting and tons more fun. And with more fun, it gets messier. We're now working out our carving sculpture which is made out of vermiculite and plaster. First, we make the mold. Once it's dried, we start hacking, cutting, and carving. Oh, did I mention this is a nonobjective piece, and did I mention I suck at nonobjective art. Yup, fun.

Mixing vermiculite and plaster. It's thick like oatmeal. Yum.

 Getting down and dirty!  Giddy!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

with plaster covered hands....

This is our next project in sculpture! Plaster of paris molds! Such a messy messy process, but what fun!

 We sculpture an animal using a fine grain clay, really simplifying the shape of the animal. We then covered it in purple silicon, then in plaster, making this lovely mold. The purpose of the mold is to be able to easily reproduce the sculpture.

Now we are cracking the mold in half.


Voila! It has been released! Yup, that's my bunny.

This is Cassi's Canadian Lynx. After we removed the plaster, we are now cutting the sculpture out of the silicon by cutting it down the center.

This is Geddes's raccoon. When the silicon is remove, the sculpture is safe inside! Remove the sculpture and the negative space is where you pour the plaster in reproduce the same exact sculpture.

Now to make the plaster sculpture! 
This is yummy yummy plaster!

In the foreground is the silicon/plaster mold wrapped with giant rubber bands to secure it in place.

Place the mold where it is secure upside down. Pour the plaster in and let set for about an hour.

Voila! You have a lovely plaster sculpture! 


Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello peeps! So truly sorry for not keeping up with my blog! I have had so much art assignments going on that when I have down time, I have no energy to blog. Again, I send my apologies.

So good news! I think it's about time I spiced this blog up. It's time to revamp!! Hope you all like the changes, if you have any feed back about the new look, let me know. I need to start being all profesh.

Still illustrating and always printing,