Wednesday, May 15, 2013

more from idaho

after living in idaho for four years, i’ve come to appreciate it’s beauty. most of idaho is covered in farmlands and tiny towns. on our way back to utah we took the scenic route, stopping in logan and then on to provo. on the way we passed through a small town only known to most of us by the movie napoleon dynamite. yes, preston, idaho. population: 5,204. we whizzed on through it in less than ten minutes. but what quaint place it was. when we were driving by preston high school i rolled down the window to take a photograph and whew what i smell i smelt! sure enough the high school was right across a cow pasture and i couldn’t help but think about the scene in napoleon dynamite where the farmer shot the cow right in from of the school bus full of children. i laughed…and choke on the smell of cow dung. 
i never thought i’d ever consider idaho as one of my homes. oh idaho how you amaze me! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

took a little trip back to rexburg. i went back to the print lab that i love so dearly. i was on auto pilot, just walking around the lab as if i knew what i was doing but i actually didn't. sad to say, but i forgot a few things (uh, you mix calcium carbonate ammonia to degrease the plate). no worries, i remember quick enough to get a print out in three hours. to get an image, a plate with one technique, and three prints in three hours....can i say stressful! i didn't think it was possible but it happened. not my best print, but this was good for me in that i found that i still got the intaglio skills. yes! afterwards i checked out the byu-idaho faculty art exhibit. was amazing of course. oh how i love my professors!

after art making and the faculty show we head to rexburg's wonderful farmer's market. it was the first day of the season. what a great way to celebrate the beautiful weather with friends and delicious food.