Saturday, May 11, 2013

took a little trip back to rexburg. i went back to the print lab that i love so dearly. i was on auto pilot, just walking around the lab as if i knew what i was doing but i actually didn't. sad to say, but i forgot a few things (uh, you mix calcium carbonate ammonia to degrease the plate). no worries, i remember quick enough to get a print out in three hours. to get an image, a plate with one technique, and three prints in three hours....can i say stressful! i didn't think it was possible but it happened. not my best print, but this was good for me in that i found that i still got the intaglio skills. yes! afterwards i checked out the byu-idaho faculty art exhibit. was amazing of course. oh how i love my professors!

after art making and the faculty show we head to rexburg's wonderful farmer's market. it was the first day of the season. what a great way to celebrate the beautiful weather with friends and delicious food.

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  1. Yay! Sounds like so much fun, and whatever I love that print you did!!