Saturday, April 28, 2012

oh just baking...

There are times when I just want to bake instead of draw because at that moment that's what I'm inspired artistically to do. So my Saturday was spent mostly sitting on the sofa watching 30 Rock, but then I found inspiration in chocolate.

I love that you can make a chocolate cake without any flour. It's amazing what eggs, sugar, and chocolate can do. Work wonders! Chocolate Pudding Cake. You can find this lovely recipe on Martha Stewart dot com

new artist find....

Hello peeps. So I discovered a new artist introduced to me by my friend at The Fishfry. Meet Rebecca Green! She's a remarkable illustrator and fine artist. Here's a variety of her work. Check it...

Beautiful work right?! Well, I hope you're inspired and I wish you a happy weekend!

so i've just been printing....

Oh, just spent Friday working on my third plate for my BFA.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It's past midnight and I have an eight-o-clock class. I cannot believe I'm still up, but it's all worth it because I have great news! I finally have a website started! It's not complete, but it's something and it's headed for something good. This is a big step for me since I've started three free websites in the last year, but never got close to being finished. All I have to do now is get more of my work digitalized and get my own domain and it'll be solid. So check out what I have so far!

Monday, April 16, 2012


These could be potential BFA pieces. Oh, how simple sketches can turn into love.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

spring break projects...

It's spring time in Rexburg! Minus the spring. Yup, it's spring break but it's cloudy with a high of 50 and winds at 8 mph. So it feels like 47 degrees. A lovely lovely time for spring break. Even though the weather kept me indoors, I still managed to get some spring cleaning and decorating projects done. Check 'em.

Did some touch ups on the table and do you like the wooden bowl? Awesome find at  Deseret Industries! Came in a set of 5 for $2.25. Varnished those pretty things.

Decided to take some art out and actually put them to good use. Mixed them in with photos.

Putting a sculpture to good use...ah and one of the wooden bowls! Love it!

More prints and frames that use to live in the closet.

It's about time I organized my Japanese and Lokta paper. Probably not the best way, but I can't afford a flat file. So this cute and affordable way will have to do.

Revamped this mirror. Removed the stand, sanded, painted, and distressed it.

Made a box to organize cds. 

Took out this quilt to spring up our room. 

Friday, April 13, 2012


I just finished watching Midnight in Paris.

Can I just vent a little here? Maybe vent isn't the right word, but I'm feeling a little nostalgic because of this film (which I'm in love with) and I need to let it out. First off, it'll be the one year mark that I was in Paris. Seriously, one minute into the movie and I wanted to turn it off from sheer depression. Let's face it, if your a romantic like me (and like the character in the film) you'd be just as emotional about Paris. Second, all the artist depicted in this film reminded me of my younger years when I didn't know I wanted to be an artist, but I knew that I loved Monet, Picasso, Degas, etc. and I wanted to do what they did. It's because of them, I am who I am today, an artist. Cliche I know, but it's true and I need to give credit where credit is due. So thank you great artist of the past and thank you great artist of today who continue to inspire me. 

So a little tribute of past artist who started me on my artistic journey.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

final: watercolor...

My final final of the semester! So you're getting a sneak peak here because these piece might be going into my BFA show. No seriously, a little peak. Yup, can't show the whole thing till July. Check 'em.

I had so much fun with these pieces I finished them all in one night. I'm on a roll here! Watercolor, paper, ink, and glitter. LOVE it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

final: blue rhino...

I've left you folks hanging on my final projects. Here's what's been going down in sculpture. Remember the blue styrofoam thing I was doing? Well, check it.

I still have yet to figure out how to mount it on my wall. Any suggestions? Pretty please?