Tuesday, February 28, 2012

in martha's footsteps...

Hey folks, did you know I'm a baker? We'll I'm taking a baking class, so I guess technically I'm still in training. So aside from my BFA and three other art classes, I'm also learning how to bake. Yeah, I know I'm crazy. And to add onto that craziness, I baked four pies this week! The one pie I made in Baking, two for my BFA class and one for my Readings class. Check it...

This was my first pie, a delicious pumpkin pie! I made the crust and e'rythang! Yum.

We had a party in our Readings class. Tons of sweets early in the morning, one of which was my yummy pie. Griffin was so overwhelmed by all the food.

All we do in art class is party.

I made a coconut cream pie just for Cassie. What joy. 

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