Friday, March 9, 2012

let them eat cake...

What a way to start off the weekend by eating delicious cake!

Last Friday I made a scrumptious chocolate cake, I preserved it over the week to decorate in Bakery today. Did you know that making a professional cake from scratch is a very difficult process? Last Friday while I was making my cake, it was a complete disaster in the bakery lab! I made both a high-fat cake (white cake, yellow cake, etc.) and a chiffon cake (angel food cake).

Let's get educated:

High-fat cakes, like it's name, consist of high portions of fat (butter, shortening, etc.) and chiffon cakes have no fat and are mostly made of eggs and sugar. Each cake has its own mixing method. When baking professionally, you should know each cake's mixing method. This is the general baking style in professional bakeries. You are given the formula (yeah, not recipe) which only consist of the ingredients and the percentage of each ingredient. Yeah percentage, not cup, tsp, etc. PERCENTAGE! Then there's a bunch of math involved and I won't get into details, but just know it's pretty intense.

So making the cake batter and baking the cake, like I said, was chaotic because of all those mixing methods. Oh, and cakes apparently are really sensitive, who knew! While baking, the cakes are not to be disturbed. So no opening the oven too early, no bumping the oven, and definitely no jumping around in the kitchen. Despite the chaos, my chocolate cake turned out just great! I'm actually pretty pleased with it. Check it...

I dedicate this cake to Picasso: "Art is what nature is not."

They love me in the Art Department cause every Friday I bring in a new treat.

 Can I just say how delightful that texture is? Num nums.

Well, I hope you all have a fab weekend. Be inspired, be creative.

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