Monday, March 12, 2012

finally, success...

Happy Monday people! Hope your weekend was swell because mine sure was. Well, if you ignore the part where I got sick, then it's been a good weekend for art. This weekend was a success because I finally, after last week's diaster, I successfully made a mock up print of my second BFA piece.

Safety first. I dedicate this photo to Huntsman. 

Yummy yum ferric chloride. this process I'm doing is called spite bite. Instead of completely submerging the plate in ferric chloride, you can 'paint' it on, splash chloride in random spots, etc. 

time for a bath.

It was like painting with watercolor. So dreamy.

Now to do some fixer-uppers. This is scrapping and burnishing the plate to remove unwanted values.

It's pretty exciting huh? Well have a good day peeps. Go on being inspired. 

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