Wednesday, October 5, 2011

change is good....

I made some slight changes to my pumpkin. I'm actually sitting in digital illustration right now. Anyway, before Burr gets to my piece, check out the changes. 

Much better huh? I changed the texture of the shadow on the pumpkin, so the texture of the pumpkin and the shadow are in better harmony. The last shadow texture, just flattened the pumpkins texture.

So before Burr critiques my piece, let me tell you of the crazy morning I had printing&mounting my piece. I get to the CopySpot in plenty of time to print my piece, but what always happens when you finish things the day they're due....everything decides to go wrong. So the printer had problems, so I had to resend my image. Then it printed, FINALLY! Then I take my lovely print (holding it by the white border) up to the Media Lab to mount my piece to foam core. Before I tell you this part, please think of good&polite ways to tell people to leave me alone, I can handle this. When I get to the lab, I ask for foam core, a ruler, and an exacto knife. Then the lady decides she wants to be helpful and tells me that cutting from the giant cutter (which I refuse to use because I don't trust them) would save me time. I tell her nicely that I don't use that and I'm fine using the knife&ruler. BUT she takes my piece and decides to teach me how to use this giant mat cutter. At this point I have 10 minutes before class starts. I had to forcefully tell her ok I got it, because she wouldn't take her hands of my piece (which some of the ink smeared because it was still wet....dang CopySpot and the luster paper they use).  So I get my piece back into my safe hands, but the girl wouldn't leave me alone. She kept talking to me, and I'm like, "Look you're nice&all but leave me alone." Oh, and just like I expected, the giant cutter didn't save me time, and I ended up having to cut it with my knife because the cutter didn't cut all the way through. Lame sauce.

Now I'm in class and at peace, because Burr likes my piece. Loves the texture of both the pumpkin and the background, but he says they don't harmonize. Oh, and after critique, he's not too happy with CopySpot. He says they should be shut down from bad printing. Yup, I wasn't the only student who had trouble this morning.

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