Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hands on...

This semester I'm taking a sculpture class. It's my first 3 dimensional experience since high school and since then I swore I would never do sculpture because I suck tremendously! So what do I discover on my first day in sculpture? I actually like this and I'm not so bad! Our first assignment was just learning the basics, Each week we had a different head to sculpt. Total heads: 4. Check 'em.

Just starting out and the finished product.
Not an exactness, but it's pretty good for my first head!

This is my final sculpture, now to add a patina. I'm just in love with Voltaire. Oh Voltaire! So proud.

So yeah, sculpting, not too shabby. Moral of the story, just say you hate something when you've never really tried it. Peace out.

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