Thursday, December 15, 2011

final projects are in....

Hey  peeps, finals are over and done for! I now get to be lazy without any regrets. The other day one of the kids in my class told me how she had someone approach her while she was sketching. So you all know, sketching is a big part of our grade. Anyway, this person just raved about how cool it was that she HAD to do something fun for her grade. It's so funny how misleading art can be. No it's not easy. No it's not fun when you're getting graded for it. It's probably the most stressful thing ever, but I sure do love it.

Well, here are some of my finals from this semester. Check 'em.

Intro. to Illustration.

So a most exciting event is taking place in the printmaking room! The Fall 2011 Print Exchange. The concept: Elephant in the Room.

It was such a fun exchange with great prints! This is the last exchange for Matt, Beka, and Kim. So it was all bitter sweet. 

Another great event that took place is the student print sale. I sold and traded a great deal of prints to my pals, but the sale didn't do so great because not many non-artist don't find joy in these kind of things. But hey, I got to take home like 8 prints including a salt and pepper shaker and a bowl i bought at the Student ceramics sale. I just couldn't help I'm a big advocate of supporting student work.

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