Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bfa in process...

Hey hey hey! I'm starting my first BFA piece. Oh, by the way, did you know I got accepted into the BFA Illustration program? Yeah, no biggie. So I'm doing fashion illustration for my BFA and I'm pretty excited about it simply because this has never been done before AND I'm doing it in printmaking! Oh and some in watercolor and maybe do some oil paintings...I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, check out my first piece and the printmaking process. Oh, you won't actually get to see the finished piece just because I'm saving that for July 2012. Patience peeps.

This is my giant copper plate. In fact, this is my first time ever printing a giant plate! Impressive eh?

After the plate is cleaned and degrease, it is covered in lovely blue floor wax. Yum.

Once the yummy blue floor wax is dried, I transfered my image onto the plate!

Like so.

I then start "drawing" my image in with a needle. The exposed areas will be etched at. If any mistakes are made just cover it up with red rosin. That's a lot of mistakes!

Now it's time to etch! 

Once I've etched my plate long enough, I'll remove all the blue and red gunk.

Just one more detail. Adding in some dry point!

Now to ink up!

 Now here comes a very fun printing technique! Chine col'e. 

Trace and cut out the area that is to be covered in the lovely colored paper.

Then spray with water and adhesive spray.

Time to place it CAREFULLY onto the plate.

Then place the paper carefully on top!

Rolling the press. I want one of these suckers!

So that's it. Pretty easy huh? Stay tune on more BFA process post! Peace out.

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