Wednesday, November 9, 2011

new stalkee....

Guess who I've been stalking! Banksy! When I was a junior in high school, my art teacher, after looking at my sketch book, asked me if I was going to be a tagger. I said no. Well Mrs. Jenkins, I just might be after all! Banksy is just amazing. Check his work out!

My cool friends introduced me to this British street/graffiti artist. This guy is legit peeps. His work is being preserved, like putting plexi glass over his graffiti. When in San Francisco, we looked all over China Town for one of his works. We found it, but it didn't look like this...

It looks like this. Yup, disappointing right? How dare someone try to upstage Banksy. What a shame. But I'm glad we I got to see it. If I had known him earlier, I would've looked for his stuff in London. Anyway, hope this gets you inspired, cause I am. Peace out.

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