Monday, September 19, 2011

surprise surprise...

i survived the first critique in digital illustration. by the way, there was nothing to worry about. brother burr isn't a menace, but i'm so use to being on my toes during critiques. so i was very surprised to hear that brother burr was highly favored of my master copy. these were his words...

"i love this drawing. i like it better than picasso's!"

oh so surprised. i didn't really take the second part of the compliment, just because i could never touch...not even skim picasso. he's genius. a genius artist, and well....i'm stupid and sometimes i have no idea what i'm doing.

burr than joked if i chose to do this particular sketch because i had a crappy brush and then asked if all my work is going to be based on my crappy brushes. so pretty much, i have to up my game with my tools, but he'll expect more from me because i did so well on my first drawing. great.

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