Wednesday, September 14, 2011

first off....

hello fellow artistist and art lovers. welcome to my first official attempt at a blog. let's begin...

today in digital illustration we had our first tries at painting in photoshop. exciting huh. but not as exciting as buying my wacom bamboo tablet. and then opeing it. it was like christmas in the middle of a random day in september. true joy.

after working out all the kinks and technical junk part, we got to make our very first brushes. it was i couldn't stop myself, but then i realized that i was going to have to use these amature brushes to paint. yeah, intimidating.

so that brings us to our first assignment ----> copy an art master's drawing using a pencil brush that we created.

this is the part when christmas ends and you long for the time you were opening gifts and had no care in the world, and now your toy is your worst enemy.

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