Wednesday, September 28, 2011

critique times 2

Today is a good day for critiques. I have the final critique in digital illustration for my apple rendering that i'm suppose to fix. Here's the fixer upper.

Brother Burr likes that the worms are gone, but just like I predicted, he expects more from me because of the Picasso sketch I did for my first assignment. So he was bored with this painting. No worries, my ego isn't scared. I totally get it. Burr said I need to be more creative and expressive. Pretty much, he's telling me I need to have fun with my art and be more like Picasso. I'll admit, I didn't have as much fun doing the apple rendering like I did the Picasso sketch. So that's saying something.

Second, I have a critique on my master copy in intro to illustration. For that assignment we were suppose to copy an illustrator's work. I chose Gustav Klimt's Judith I. First we were to do a line drawing, then do the painting. The results? Two long nights of painting (because I started late) and patience. The results. Let me know what you think! Thanks peeps.

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